• “Mr. Hammond, the phones are working.”

    If you tried to reach this site recently, you would have noticed that you couldn’t. Unfortunately, the site had become so infected with malware, that the only way to be sure the site was clean was, in the immortal words of Aliens, nuke the site from orbit. So I blew it up and started over.

    The infection occurred, I think, because I was still using an outdated version of Drupal to run the site. In my defense, the upgrade procedure for Drupal was complicated and not fail-proof. I have therefore switched to WordPress for this version. I may restore some of the old content at some point; I used to get a lot of hits for my complaints about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But then again, I may not.

    Anyway, I’m back, and I hope to have new information and content to share with the world soon.