Rating System

Here's my intended rating system:

1/4: Films and shows in this category should be kept away from children at all costs. These are terrible, brain-rotting pieces of garbage. It's important to note that the ratings have nothing to do with the perceived enjoyment of a child. Many children would enjoy squirting Cheez Whiz into their mouths until the can was dry, but that doesn't mean it should be allowed.

2/4: Child contact with entertainment in this category should be minimized, but is acceptable. Films and shows in this category are not terrible, and have some redeeming qualities, but just don't hold up to repeated viewing.

3/4: This is truly good children's entertainment, something you would be happy if your child embraced.

4/4: This is the highest state. A film or show in this category is not simply good children's entertainment, but good entertainment, period. This is something you would watch on your own.

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