Aiming in World of Warships: A Success Story

I don't play as many computer/video games as I did in my youth, but I still play. While I am a competent gamer, achieving a high skill level in some games simply requires more practice than I am willing to invest. For example, I thought I would never find much success in the team-based naval combat game World of Warships--even though I'm pretty good at its older sibling, World of Tanks. My main problem was landing shots on mid to long-range targets without taking too much time. I almost gave up, but I decided to treat this as a puzzle to be solved. I spent a little time gathering test footage and data, and I cracked the code. I may never be an especially fearsome captain, but I can aim now. Here's a video I made explaining the aiming method I developed, which I call Ghost Ship Targeting:

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