Think Like a Programmer: In (Simplified) Chinese!

Although this news has probably already been widely disseminated through Chinese media outlets, I need to tell the rest of the world that Think Like a Programmer is now also available in Chinese.


"Chinese," in this case, means Simplified Chinese, which is how books are generally printed in mainland China. Traditional Chinese, which has more characters, is still dominant in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. (Why yes, I did just return from a trip to Wikipedia, thanks for asking.) Chinese must be the most textually dense language this book has been printed in, because it's  the most slender of all editions. The cover price is a mere 49 yuan, which at today's exchange rate is $7.71 US. At that price, there's really no reason why every programmer in China shouldn't pick up a copy, right?

In all seriousness, I love to hear from readers so if you do pick up a copy of this edition, let me know what you think.

Now, if you were really hoping for a Traditional Chinese edition of one of my books, stay tuned; I may have some news shortly.

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