August 2017

Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition

TLAP-P cover wide borderThe original Think Like a Programmer has been a huge success, helping tens of thousands of people, from all over the world, learn how to program. However, that book is designed for someone who has already learned and is comfortable with basic programming concepts and syntax, but who is struggling with problem solving. Although that description matches a huge number of people, there are many others who haven't learned enough programming to use the original book.

The upcoming Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition is much more than a revision of the original book that uses Python for the code examples instead of C++. It's a total problem-solving approach to learning programming. With this book, you can learn the basic building blocks that are common to most programming languages, using the friendly Python language for coding. You'll learn not only the syntax and meaning of each programming statement, but also how to solve problems using that statement. You'll learn why the statement is in the language to begin with, what problem it was intended to solve. You'll be shown paths around common programming roadblocks. In short, you'll construct a kit of programming tools that you will understand how to use.

The original Think Like a Programmer is intended for programmers who have "hit the wall" when it comes to problem solving. With Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition, I'm intending to keep new programmers from ever knowing the wall was there.

Where to Buy

Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition will be available as a book or e-book from retailers including Amazon. If you buy direct from my publisher, you can buy the book and get an e-book copy as well. Important note: you can pre-order from my publisher and receive almost-finished chapters as they work through the last stages of editing; right now you can get a 30% discount on the publisher pre-order (look for the code on the page).


I maintain a channel on YouTube with videos on a number of topics, including Think Like a Programmer. These videos cover some of the ideas from the books in a different way, or using different examples, so whether you decide to pick up the book or not, check the videos out. Note that the videos in the series mostly use C++ for the code examples, but once you get to that stage in your learning you should be able to follow the code well enough to get the point of the videos.

Source Code

Once the book is released (and maybe sooner than that), I'll post a link to the book's Python source code here.

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Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition

Think Like a Programmer: Python Edition

Do you want to learn how to program—how to actually program, and not just how to understand code? Have you started learning how to program but can't figure out how to solve problems without a template? Are you intrigued by the original Think Like a Programmer but feel you haven't learned enough to read it? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," help is here. Read more.

Efficiency & Performance: Not the same thing

One of the first videos I created for YouTube was about the relationship between programming and puzzles, and specifically, about how some problems in either domain are only difficult when you don't consider all your possible options. That video has received a lot of hits and a lot of comments, but many of those comments are about the supposed lack of efficiency of the code I used in the program example, which really isn't the point of the video, or indeed, of what I will call the Think Like a Programmer philosophy. But it did make me realize that performance and efficiency are topics I should address, and so I have!


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