How Software Works

HSW CoverSoftware is the engine that drives our modern world, but most people have little idea how it all works. We see a "lock" icon on our browser and assume it's okay to send our credit card number across the Web—but what's really going on behind the scene? How can a high-def movie get squeezed onto a single disc or through a home network? How do searches return results instantly?

The answers to all these questions and more appear in How Software Works. This book demystifies the magic of software. Topics include:

  • How data is encrypted
  • How passwords are used and protected
  • How computer graphics are created, both in movies and in games
  • How video is compressed for streaming and storage
  • How data is searched (and found) in huge databases
  • How programs can work together on the same problem without conflict
  • How software produces directions on maps
  • How data is secured on the Web

How Software Works breaks down these processes with patient explanations and intuitive diagrams so that anyone can understand—no technical background is required, and you won't be reading through any code. In plain English, you'll examine the intricate logic behind the technologies you constantly use but never understood.

Where to Buy

How Software Works is available as a book or e-book from the usual retailers including Amazon, but I would recommend buying direct from my publisher; where you buy the physical book and get a DRM-free e-book as well!


I have a series of videos on YouTube. The videos that accompany this book will cover additional topics that relate to those covered in the book but which I wasn't able to fit in, so please check out the videos whether or not you decide to pick up the book.

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