Computer Science Made Simple

CSMS coverComputer science is a big subject, but this is not a big book. Computer Science Made Simple attempts to cover the breadth of the discipline but at a novice level. If you want to know how computers and software work, and what computer science is all about, this is the book for you.

This book would be great for: anyone who is considering studying computer science and wants to know exactly what he or she is getting into; anyone curious about how computers developed and where they might be going; people who want to know more about how the devices they use all the time work.

Unlike my more recent How Software Works, this book doesn't explain the details behind the software, the algorithms and ideas that make it all go. If you want to know how data is actually encrypted, or how software makes movie CGI, the other book is for you. Computer Science Made Simple is a high-level view of all the things that computers do. It's easy to read, but it's not fluff! A reader quote from Amazon explains it well:

I have read several beginner computer books lately and this is by far best of them, if this is beginner book at all! This book doesn't underestimate the intelligence of reader and doesn't "buy more pages" with nonsense. I mean, if you don't know how to move mouse or where Enter button is on keyboard, buy '-for dummies' books. But if you want to get little bit (well a lot actually) deeper than that, buy this book.

Topics include:

  • hardware
  • software
  • programming
  • networks
  • the internet
  • computer graphics
  • advanced computer concepts
  • computers in society

Where to Buy

Computer Science Made Simple is currently available as an e-book from places like Amazon. If you are interested in the book and want to help me out, please click through the link to buy on Amazon; due to the vagaries of publishing I don't receive any further royalties on sales of this book.

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